Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Two of "Awesome Vacation to Florida"

It is so delightsome to be able to sleep in, undisturbed in a quiet neighborhood, with no highways. I was so happy to see the sun shining this morning with the promise of a nice day. It made it easier to get out of bed.
Justin and I went to the Beach House Rentals of South Walton Beach and paid our cleaning fee of $135 and an additional $90 to have the pool heated. That was a hard decision to fork over that much money to swim, but it's going to rain and be cold, so I thought it would be nice to do something outside if it's crummy.
We drove to Seaside, where the movie "Truman" was apparently filmed, and spent an hour choosing the rest of our food for the week. We have decided on stew, chicken/rice/black beans/salsa, and tacos for our main meals. It's fun to go around with Justin and choose what to eat. He loves to get special types of drinks. We bought crannberry/blueberry, pomegranate blueberry juices, chocolate milk, and Black Cherry IBC pop. Food is about 50% more than in MN. It made it hard to buy the food, but there aren't other easy options. It's still cheaper than eating out.
After shopping, we changed into our swim suits (Justin brought Tony's purple and black wet suit) and headed down to the beach. We brought the skim board that we bought at a strange store for $5 and a snorkel and mask that Justin found under the house. Justin was such a go-getter and went straight into the ocean. I, on the other hand, wasn't too excited to get my feet wet today, despite the warmer temperatures.
Justin snorkeled for awhile, then tried the skim board. He wasn't so good, but after about 30+ tries, he started to get the hang of it. He could go about 30 feet at a time if he caught the waves just right.
Justin often has a way of making me do things I don't always want to. Meaning, I tried to skim board. I was able to skim for a few feet right off the bat, but had terrible balance. The third try, I totally did a face plant in the sand and water, then when I was trying to get the board, it came back and clonked into my shins. I still have a little bit of a burn on my chin. Luckily Jusitn hadn't started the camcorder for that ungraceful fall. Embarrassing. Covered in sand, I ventured out into the waves a little more to wash off. COLD!!!!! I think a wet suit must help a lot.
We spent about two hours at the beach, then headed back to the house and snacked on chips and salsa while we cut up the carrots and potatoes for our stew. Then we played our second game of Skip Bo. I won last night with a score of 100. Justin won this afternoon, so he's now up to 65. It makes it more interesting to be keeping score. I was able to successfully pick up 60 exact cards to deal out.
Back to the beach. Justin carried two patio chairs (yes, he looked dumb, and yes, it was his idea), to the beach and we tried to read. We were easily distracted by birds, eating an orange, the pretty sunset, taking pictures, and generally enjoying each other's company.
Genie called to ask what she could give Ammon. He had thrown up twice today. I feel so bad that they have to take care of our sick baby. It wouldn't do much good to go back early, but as a Mom, I want to be there for him.
Our stew dinner was super yummy. I'm sitting in bed and Jusitn is snoozing and it's only 7:30. The snorkeling and skim boarding must have tuckered out the little guy. We're planning on watching "Get Smart."
Time to go move the laundry over.
I give today 4/5 stars (would have been 5 if it was warmer. That's how perfect if was).