Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Logan Sweet Logan

Justin stayed with his cousin, Teague Cowley, in Park City Tuesday night, then Teague drove him to the airport this morning. Teague is pretty cool. He is disabled, but that doesn't stop him from anything. He's quite admirable.

I had to drop two down hill moutain bikes off at a store in Logan that Jusitn borrowed, so Mom and I just had to stop by DI. A couple of good finds: a "You are special" plate for birhtdays etc for $2, and a pair of Dr. Marten boots for Ammon for $2. A couple of steals. That store is mostly over priced, but it's still fun to browse. You can find hidden deals.

After lunch, a nap became a necessity, so I layed down. Ammon came in and announced that he wanted to nap with me a little after I was asleep. We ended up sleeping for over three hours. Now that's a long nap!

I love walking around the yard. It brings such a happy feeling. The cherries, raspberries, and peas are all ripe. Yummmmmmy little treasures.

Isaac's prayer tonight was awesome. I reminded him before he started that he didn't need to say "safe time" and "fun time" in all of his prayers. That didn't leave him with much else to say, so his prayer was as follows: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day. Please bless that I can go fishing with Uncle Shawn. And please bless that I can finish my rock with Grandpa. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." I about lost it.