Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ammon woke up this morning acting like he hadn't slept all night long. He whined about anything AND everything. Doesn't make for a fantastic Mother's Day. He has learned how to fake whine and cry. Most of the time I can't tell when it's real or not. I think it blends on occasion.
At church today, he was acting okay, until I pulled out the stack of magnets. It was a tall stack. About 15 little 1/2 inch circular magnets, similar to the ones in the picture.
(Aunt Grandma taught the kids a trick several months ago with the magnets using the hymn book. Put one on the inside cover and one on the outside, and you can move the one on the outside using the one on the inside. Wow. That probably made no sense.)
Justin was going to help Ammon do the fun little magic trick and took five magnets from the stack. Ammon whined in a soft little voice, "don't break my Tower of Power."
(don bwake my towa of powa)
I don't know where this saying came from but it's a Dittmer household favorite.
I got the magnets back into one nice tower and he was fine again.

Eloise Butler Garden

3rd Annual walk through
Elloise Butler Garden in
Theodore Wirth Park, Minnapolis

Zoe Thomson, Isaac, Allison, Ammon, and Jacob

Isaac made a red cardinal

Jacob a blue bellied Dittmer

Wonder what I was thinking about...

I'm pretty sure I was thinking about naps in this one.

Isaac, Jacob, Barbara Thomson (Aunt Grandma), Ammon, Zoe Thomson, Allison, JoAnne
(back) Quinn Thomson, and LaMon Thomson (Uncle Grandpa)

Isaac worked on identifying 10 types of plants for Scouts.
Not sure what the outcome was; I'll have to look into that.

Ammon loves to squish his Daddy.

Ammon wasn't quite tall enough to reach the drinking fountain. He figured out a way around it though.

I love to go to this garden. It is peaceful - with the exception of the Dittmer clan rampaging the area. I love to go here in the spring. I love the fiddle heads on the ferns and the translucent new leaves on the plants. I love the majestic trees and the birds chirping. I wish we would have had time to visit the quaking bog across the street.