Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Pictures

I love spring flowers.
I hope we get more than three strawberries this year. I've dedicated one whole box to them.

Troop 906 Court of Honor

This was Justin's last court of honor. He was released on Sunday and is now 1st Counselor in the Young Men's presidency, and assistant scout master. Jacob and Isaac both earned the Citizenship in the World merit badge that they earned from their Grandma Dittmer (pictured in an earlier post). Jacob also earned Emergency Preparedness and Isaac his Scout rank.
Dusty Johnston, LaMon Thomson (my uncle), Ryan Koch, Jacob Dittmer, Isaac Dittmer. & ?

The boys are working hard on their personal fitness merit badge the past few weeks. Justin had them make up a fitness plan. They run one mile one day, the next do sit ups/push ups in certain amounts. Plus they're trying to get in ONE pull up.
It takes them 10 laps around the back yard to get one mile. Justin clocked it on his bike.

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies.

I wanted another raised bed/grow box so Justin built me one a year ago, but it was outside the original fence. The bunny rabbits loved my garden last year; so much that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as them.
This year, Justin revamped our old garden and included the new grow box plus some in ground space. Yeah! And I think it turned out great!
It took him two days , but he did a super job.
It's hard to tell, but there are three grow boxes. Jacob and Ammon are digging a hole for the compost.

There is a spiritual side to this story.
We aren't rolling in the bucks this year, so we were going to utilize the wood we have in our garage. We have lots of pine shelving from a store closeout that Justin wanted to use and to seal. I wasn't excited about the idea of having to take care of it year after year, so was urging him to look at treated lumber at Menards when we went, just to price it out.
Before we left for the store, I checked a local freecycle type website and someone had posted ten minutes earlier exactly what we were looking for. Justin called, and no answer. He left a message. We've tried to get a few things from this website. It's nearly impossible to get things, because they're snatched up almost immediately.
While we were in Menards, they called us back and said it was available and that several people had called after us so they had to pull the listing. Crazy!
We bought our stuff and drove to their house, which incidentally is in Blaine as well. They had this huge stack of lumber already on a trailer and said we could take as much as we needed. They were happy to get it out of their garden.
One of the best parts was that they drove the wood to our house!

Here's the spiritual story:
The night before was my turn for family prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to guide us in building the fence for our garden.
Not only did he guide us in the design, he helped us build a much better fence and strengthened my testimony of prayer.