Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Jacob had his second soccer game of the season tonight and I was able to go. It is eye opening to see him with other kids his age. He stands out as being an odd ball type of guy. Quiet. Quirky. Non-athletic. Loner. Visitor. My heart, as a mother, went out to him. I don't know if he's aware that he's different, or that he even cares. I love my kiddo and want what's best for him and for him to be happy. Maybe being different is what makes him happy. I need to focus on his quirks and love him all the more for them.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Allison in her new dress.

Allison with her Daddy before the baptism. She loves her dadddy.

If you notice the lack of usual energy from the two older Dittmer boys, you aren't mistaken. Both were feeling under the weather. "After much deliberation" it was decided to go ahead with the baptism. It wasn't a decision easily made. I'm honestly very glad to have it done.

This is one excited girl for scriptures. Uncle Grandpa and Aunt Grandma gave these to her with her name engraved.

Reading over the notes people gave her. I love having a girl. I am proud of her and proud to say she's my daughter. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for sending me such a sweet spirit. She truly is a sunshine.


Allison looks pretty good, but that Tylenol worked wonders. She was sick the last four days visiting my brother in Carlsbad.

JoAnne and Andy on a leisure hike. Ha Ha. He tried to kill me and his pregnant wife, Trevyan with a mountain climb. I must add that Trevyan is in much better shape than me by far. She's amazing!

Grandpa and Grandma Thomson were able to come with us to California Adventure for one day. Allison thought it was a super nice treat to sit on Grandma's lap, especially after I'd been dragging her around for 4 days straight.

We ate at Ariel's Grotto. This is the dessert for all of us. Quite the gourmet restaurant. Allison loved the white chocolate seashell.

Allison's favorite princess (this year) is Ariel.

Waiting for our name to be called at Ariel's Grotto. Ooh the suspense!

Grandpa Thomson was game to try on a big hat.

One of Allison's favorite rides was the Inspector Gadget Go Coaster. Fairly long line, very short ride, lots of laughs.

How can we not feature Minnie Mouse? Allison adopted her early on in our trip. Minnie was with us for most of our rides and even buckled in for many of them.

Alice and the Mad Hatter were one of Allison's favorites.

She also loved Goofy. He was pretty funny.

Our first ride in Disneyland, the Nemo ride.

This is the Disney hotel we stayed at for six nights that cost us $0!! Loved it!

Allison's 8th party. Such concentration. She must be opening presents.

Allison's 8th Birthday party. Look at those princesses. We might need to send them to finishing school after coming to this party.

Ribbit. Mom wimped out on a fancy cake this year, but Allison seemed happy with this.