Wednesday, June 10, 2009

These are chocolate chocolate chip cookies made by Isaac. I am going to try having the kids choose a cookie each week and teach them how to measure, mix, bake, clean up, etc.
This is week one for summer break. The kids are excited about it, so it might actually last more than a couple of weeks.

More Education

Isaac was making toast. I came upstairs to see flames in our toaster oven and Isaac at the fridge filling a cup of water.
I unplugged the toaster then proceeded to ask him what he was doing with a cup of water - what were you thinking?!?!? Water on an electric appliance?!?!? Plus, if you were going to get water, why from the fridge? It takes about 60 seconds to fill a cup, verses the sink which would take 10 seconds. I wonder about that kid sometimes.
Our toaster may have to visit the garbage. Our kitchen still stinks; three days later.

Gardening Merit Badge

Jacob and Isaac harvested their first veggies yesterday. They are working on the gardening merit badge. They are required to plant from seed and harvest three veggies (among other requirements). So far they have spinach and radishes. They both tried them; spinach tasted like nothing, and radishes were spicy. I was surprised that they didn't have a stronger reaction.