Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Moments

I'm so happy for little moments that make me smile. Ammon is such a treat to have around. I've never had such a helpful toddler. He loves to help and be in the middle of anything going on, no matter the task. He often will do something for you, like get you a glass of water, then tell you "thanks Mom." I also love how he says "flamily" and "nayvors" (for neighbors). I love that he likes to snuggle and will often come take naps with me on his own. He definitely has his moments, but he's a keeper.

Parting shots

First Dahlia blooms
What a sad raspberry plant. I'm hoping it will make it. I just planted it a few days ago.
We didn't get many peas this year. They're a special treat for all.
Also planted grape and blackberry starts this year. What will I do if we ever move?!

My zucchinis always look like this, but rarely turn into a pickable size. It just shrivels up. Any suggestions? I've tried "artificial insemination" previous years, but hasn't worked.
First baby tomato.
It's hard for me to leave my garden for such a length of time. Justin is a great dad and husband, but doesn't know a weed from Adam. We have sprinklers set up to take care of the main two gardens during the time we'll both be gone. I've never spent so much time outside as I have this year, primping and staking, weeding etc, so I feel a special attachment to my plants. I get so excited to see developments. Like the tomato for example; even though I don't eat them. Even noticed the broccoli is just starting to get little heads. Baby green beans are so cute...about 1-2 inches long.
Oooh, they are so yummy.
I'm hoping we catch that dang mole that has recently been reeking havoc in our yard and my garden.
Gardening brings me so much happiness. I'm thankful to be in a place and home that I can enjoy it and learn how to do it better.

Birthday Donuts

We're in the middle of getting ready to leave on Monday for our annual trip to Utah. It's adding stress to the birthdays that are at the end of June. Jacob's is on Monday, the day we plan to leave, so we had donuts in lieu of cake (for him and Ammon). I did not want to bake two cakes etc. Everyone was more than happy to have donuts anyway. Might become a Dittmer tradition.
This is what was left of Ammon's donut. He came moseying outside munching on his donut, so we had to stop everything and have a quick birthday song, blow out candle ceremony before it was entirely gone.
Jacob chose a sugar covered cherry filled delight. I can't believe he's going to be 13. Well, I should say I can believe HE'S going to be 13. But hard to believe I have a 13 year old kid.