Monday, June 8, 2009

So amazing. An apostle of the Lord was in my midst today. Jacob, Isaac, Allison, Ammon, and I shook his hand. He even asked Isaac how the Book of Mormon reading was going. Isaac said, "good!" I hope they remember this event for the rest of their lives. What an amazing experience for these young children.
I joined the Stake Choir because I wanted to be close and have a good seat for this special stake conference. Also, I miss singing. To be honest, I was disappointed in my seat. The organist left his hymnal at the organ, which consequently covered Elder Perry's entire head.
The family got to the church at 7:48 am. Justin and I needed to be in our choir seats by 8:15 to practice. We got the kids great seats. LaMon and Barbara were kind enough to sit with the kids.
Elder Perry arrived about 9:40. When he walked in, the congregation rose. This was a time that I did love my seat. Being able to see all of these followers of Christ stand to honor an apostle. I wish I could bottle the feeling I got when I saw him and share it with you. It's indescribable. I'm getting teary just thinking about it.
He shook hands with many people as he entered, made a joke with the organist, and talked with our director (the best!) Sister Gray.
President Wiberg greeted us; opening hymn; prayer, 

then the choir sang More Holiness Give Me.
President Wiberg spoke first, followed by the mission president (Howell), then Elder Perry.
He stressed making the Book of Mormon come to life for your kids and retold the story of getting the Brass plates from Laban. He also talked about how we need to make things happen in our lives, not wait for them to happen.
This day is a highlight in the life of JoAnne Dittmer