Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's finally feeling warm enough to get outside and de-winterize the gardens. I'm having Jacob and Isaac start the Gardening merit badge. It sounds like an easy one, but it involves quite a bit. They helped plant radishes, spinach, beans, peas, and parsley for the veggies, and marigolds and sweet peas for the flower parts. They need to plant three veggies and three flowers from seed, then the same amount from seedlings, then harvest. Plus we chose to do a compost for 90 days (in lieu of a worm factory).
It was fun to watch their enthusiasm for finding bugs. They even found a caterpillar! Jacob thought the grubs were gross and Ammon freaked out when a spider started to crawl in his general direction.
We're gearing up for a yard sale hopefully this Saturday, if I can get it ready in time. Our house is overrun with stuff. I want my house to feel tidy. Even when it's clean, it feels cluttered. Maybe when the kids move out. Most of my friends are super neat freaks so it's intimidating for me to have them over. Plus, how do I get my kids to pick up after themselves? I sure get mad enough that you'd think they would want to, so not to get the wrath of Mom. But nope. I guess I'm using the wrong parenting techniques.
Ah, here comes Ammon. He napped today, so he now gets to be my friend tonight while Justin is in northern Minnesota.