Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 5 of Awesome Vacation to Florida

Another beautufil day. The forcast is very deceiving. I'm glad we didn't decide not to come because of those lightening and cloud pictures. It was cloudy and looked a little "tut tut," but no rain.
We drove to Deer Lake State Park and hiked on the Linear Trail across the highway. It was about a 1.5 mile loop. It was nice and secluded; didn't see any other people. It was fun to see different types of wildlife growing, like mushrooms and pines. We even saw a lizard/gecko that turned from bright green to brown. So cute and little.
Justin decided that he wanted to jog back to the house along the beach, which is only about 1-2 miles, so I drove back. I got there just in the nick of time. The cleaning crew was just getting out of their cars getting ready to clean the house. I told them we had extended out stay one more day, and the office should have told them.
Lunch, nap, then we walked to the beach. Justin brought the skim board and wore the wet suit. We walked south a little ways and found a flat-ish spot. I got busy trying unsuccessfully doing a Sudoku for a few minutes, got frustrated, so started making a family-school-of-fish sand sculputre.
In the mean time, Justin walked back to the house and got an inflatable lobster to ride the waves. He was making me laugh so hard. He is such a dork. After awhile snorkeling with the lobster, he came back in and said, "that guy walking by probably thought "they shouldn't let retarded people go out that far."" He did look really, uhm for lack of a better word, retarded.
He found a little shell with a crab in it, and we also noticed all of these little tiny clam shells that had clam type things in them along the wave front. You could see them digging back into the sand as the waves receeded. We had fun digging for them and watching them dig down.
Back at Endless Summer, we played another couple rounds of Skip-Bo. Our scores are now 400/65 in favor of me. Poor Justin. He usually beats me at Skip-Bop too. Then we made chicken/rice/black beans/salsa for dinner. We made regular rice and no Lawreys season salt for the chicken, so the rice wasn't as good as Basmati and the chicken a little boring. I guess it filled the tummies though.
We packed up most of our stuff, and surprisingly, there isn't that much food to throw away. Justin has a big appetite.
I felt like a late night walk on the beach so we headed down there again around 10 PM. There was no one there, except for the county guy driving his truck down the beach checking on garbage and what not. It was soooo fun! We sat on a sandy ledge by the waves and laid down and looked at the stars. The ledge was about 18 inches tall, and would crumble very easily. We had fun trying to knock the sand out from under each others' bumbs. I had fun trying to get on top of the ledge then slide down on my feet. It was hard just to get on top without it falling down. I was getting the giggles. Justin was a pooper because his "muscles hurt."
We walked back and played chicken with the waves to see how far out we would stand. I was by far the most chicken, not scared of the waves, but of what might be in the waves. Even though the whole time, we have never seen anything, just not being able to see what's in there is scary!
Back at the house, we rinsed off our feet outside, and then I sat and put my feet in the pool. It wasn't too bad! Justin was right all along. Then I was rinsing off in the tub and stood up under the faucet and scraped my backside pretty good. Not a great end of the day.
It's late and we have to get up at 7 AM.