Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Education

Isaac was making toast. I came upstairs to see flames in our toaster oven and Isaac at the fridge filling a cup of water.
I unplugged the toaster then proceeded to ask him what he was doing with a cup of water - what were you thinking?!?!? Water on an electric appliance?!?!? Plus, if you were going to get water, why from the fridge? It takes about 60 seconds to fill a cup, verses the sink which would take 10 seconds. I wonder about that kid sometimes.
Our toaster may have to visit the garbage. Our kitchen still stinks; three days later.


  1. This cracked me up! I'm glad you caught him in time!

  2. Glad your house is still intact! That's one black piece of bread!

  3. I believe it was Meggin who actually caught the cupboards in our house on fire with the toaster once. Ahhh, good memories. :)

  4. well done Isaac. I wonder what the water in the toaster would do. It was turned off so it would probably just make a mess. Funny!