Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Pictures

I love spring flowers.
I hope we get more than three strawberries this year. I've dedicated one whole box to them.

Troop 906 Court of Honor

This was Justin's last court of honor. He was released on Sunday and is now 1st Counselor in the Young Men's presidency, and assistant scout master. Jacob and Isaac both earned the Citizenship in the World merit badge that they earned from their Grandma Dittmer (pictured in an earlier post). Jacob also earned Emergency Preparedness and Isaac his Scout rank.
Dusty Johnston, LaMon Thomson (my uncle), Ryan Koch, Jacob Dittmer, Isaac Dittmer. & ?

The boys are working hard on their personal fitness merit badge the past few weeks. Justin had them make up a fitness plan. They run one mile one day, the next do sit ups/push ups in certain amounts. Plus they're trying to get in ONE pull up.
It takes them 10 laps around the back yard to get one mile. Justin clocked it on his bike.

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  1. Yeah Justin! wish he was our scoutmaster. Tyler hasn't done anything, is it too late?
    I hope you get more strawberries, too this year. Homegrown berries are so yummy!
    Thanks for posting, I love your photos.