Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day Three of "Awesome Vacation to Florida"January 3, 2009 "I wish I'd had one piece of bacon, instead of two. Stuffed to the rafters." Quote by Justin, teasing me because I don't want to spend an hour making hash browns from raw potatoes. He had a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast, with a little cranberry/blueberry juice. Justin pulled a muscle in his thigh yesterday during one of his skim boarding jaunts, and is now valiantly trying to make as little trips up the stairs as possible.
Later that evening...
Lots of shopping. We stopped at a mission thrift store, the Goodwill, and a couple of tourist clothes shops. We were successful at getting a couple of t-shirts, something for each kid and three, yes three, Christmas ornaments. We initially purchased two, but found one we really liked later on. It's a big ball with shells glued all over it.
We spend several hours at St. Andrew State Park. First we stopped at the lamest visitor center I've ever been in, but were able to find a map of the park. Then we hiked around Gator Lake and "bushwhacked" through the forest exploring; hoping to find one of the elusive alligators. There were signs everywhere telling us how common they are and to be careful etc. Must be the wrong time of year or something. We did see about four deer.
We drove to the beach area and settled in for a nice cozy nap with the windows and sunroof open. When we woke up, there was a fog rapidly rolling in. We walked along the beach for awhile, then left.
Justin has been craving fish tacos and he saw a mexican restaurant, so we stopped there. He got his tacos and said they were really good. I ordered a side dish of french fries. I tried squeezing my lemon and Justin's with lots of sugar to make my water a little bit like lemonade, but it was soooooo gross.
I was eating my curly french fries and noticed one that looked funny. I said to Justin, "this one looks like a cobra," and made a hissing noise which made a piece of fry fly out of my mouth. Justin still is making fun of me about it.
We drove into the town of Panama City Beach and watched "Yes Man." It was pretty funny, but could sure use some editing.
We returned our snorkel gear, swim suit, beach clothes, etc to Target getting us back about $100. That's nice.
Even though they haven't heated the pool yet, we might go jump really fast, then run into the jacuzzi tub. We'll see if it happens. It's really foggy outside, kind of like Twilight Zone, and there is lightening.
A fairly uneventful day, but I still give it 3/5 stars.

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