Thursday, February 5, 2009

Die Hard Fishie

We have owned a 5 gallon fish tank for several years. The kids seem to still enjoy it. Isaac has been wanting a plecostomus (algae eater) for a very very long time. We finally bit the bullet and bought one after Christmas, along with two tiny frogs (super cute!). Well, we still have one frog alive last I checked, but in one week, we lost one frog, one plecostomus, and two blue guppies. There must be something wrong with our water. Cha-Ching! Money down the toilet - pun intended.
We have this orange mollly. We've had it for at least one year and counting. It doesn't want to die! It has lived through all kinds of trials; having to deal with murky waters, algae, new friends, friends dying, and inconsistent feedings. It's a trooper.
I want to be like our little orange fish. It has a willpower to keep going through tough times. Reminds me of Job.

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  1. I had a plecostomus once, I named him Poseidon :) We should all be Mollies... Orange Molly, Molly Mormon, Molly Ringwald... ok, maybe not the last Molly.