Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Halloween, I was walking the neigborhood with Justin, Allison, and Ammon. I'm hard pressed to even remember what their costumes were. It was an unusually warm October 31st; the kids didn't even have to wear a jacket! Allison started out in a Bat Woman costume, but changed.
Okay, I just looked up pictures. It's all coming back to me.
t wasn't even Bat Woman. It was Wonder Woman!!! We put funky gold eyelashes on the rim of her glasses.

Then changed in to a skeleton. Here she is with her loot yet to be sorted.

A firefighter!

Jacob. Can you guess? A Pokemon Trainer.

Isaac went trick-or-treating with his friend, Cameron Nigard. He was a Knight.

As a kid, learned from my sibs how to sort the candy and get your "unfavorites" ready for trading. I've instilled this tradition in my kids. Sometimes, there are types of candy that no one likes, so Justin or I get a few goodies
This wasn't even what I wanted to blog about.

Anyway, we're out knocking on doors and one house has a dryer smell going and Ammon said, "it smells like my blankie." I thought that was so sweet!

Today, I spent another 30 minutes mending his crocheted blanket. I've done many repair jobs and it's getting threadbare. Ammon likes to rub one particular corner on his nose. I had to chop it off once due to *ick* so he now has a "broken corner," which he's always snubbed. I washed his blankie today as well, and forgot to put it in the dryer. I easily convinced Ammon that he could try out the broken corner until his other one was dry. Amazing! He actually went to bed! He even remembered where the broken corner was. What a smart kid.

I just took Ammon his newly mended and cleaned blankie. He had the broken corner tucked inside his jammie shirt. Close to his heart.

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