Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rainy Walk

Today had the perfect conditions for a walk in the rain. Relatively warm, nice drizzle, good sized puddles, and no lightening or thunder. It's rare to get the perfect combination here in Minnesota.
I didn't take my camera with me, but Ammon and Isaac were the lucky two who wanted to be adventuresome. We walked our regular route to the park and back home.
Isaac found a chain which he had to keep, and measured how many links deep each puddle was.
This lovely gem was found by our neighbors garbage can. It still has gas in it - and my hands can attest to this by their smell right now - and sounds like it might start. Justin isn't home yet; he's got the manly touch. We have lots of trees that could use some benefit from this chainsaw. If it doesn't work, back to square one: leave the trees as is.
*****Ammon just came inside and informed me that he saw two toads. "They had to get out."


  1. Dad, did you even read what I wrote? :)
    Justin took it to a bike shop that also repairs chainsaws and they couldn't get it to run. :(

  2. I love rainy walks! Too bad about the chainsaw. :(