Monday, July 13, 2009

One third of the Way

Here I am, already one week passed in Logan, with another two to go. The kids love it here. They love cable tv a little too much. We need to have a few days of no tv. I picked a few cups of raspberries with Ammon this morning, which wasn't even half. Oh yum.
Last night and today, I've been Crazy Pruning Lady. I love to prune. Truly I do. Some people like to vacuum, I like to prune. My dad has lots to prune too, so I'm in heaven.
I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life today. I'm hoping to resolve my migraine issues. Dr. Karson said that my first vertebrae was immovable, so would need some work and that's probably why I'm getting migraines. Cross fingers that it will work.
We had family home evening tonight and focused on prayer and the proper words to use, how we need to be thankful first, then ask for blessings we need. I feel like the kids often ramble quickly through their prayers; I want them to learn to truly communicate with Heavenly Father, not just to get something out of the way, which I am guilty of at times. We also need to work on having better personal prayers. I'm soooo guilty of not teaching this to the kids. Most nights, I want to get them in bed as quickly as possible, so Jusitn and I can have some quiet time. Thank goodness for repentence, cause I'll be using it.

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