Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Humid August Outing

Could it possibly rain anymore than it did Saturday morning? I declare that it could not.
Which makes for an extremely humid day. It wasn't even that hot, but sweat was abounding.

Justin had a fun idea of driving to Taylors Falls. We have noticed that as our kids have gotten older, we don't get out and do as many things anymore. We were trying to decide the reason: I attribute it to we're busier, and it seems like our kids bicker more than they did. Maybe we've glommed into a homebody family. Regardless, it was a fun day.
  1. Cool leaf. Can this color be true so early in the fall? Tell me it isn't so!
  2. Metal ring for tying up boats.
  3. Allison by the St. Croix river.
  4. JoAnne in the Sculpture Garden.
  5. Isaac on a swing in the S. Garden
  6. Isaac thought this was a cool natural seat.
  7. Ammon climbing on the rocks.
  8. Old tree.
  9. Tiger Lily
Taylors Falls

Ammon fell down at the end of our walk in Taylors Falls. He was NOT happy about it.
Bandaids are a marvelous thing.
Franconia Sculpture GardenWe haven't visited the Garden since it relocated. I didn't recognize any of the structures. Many were thought provoking. Some disturbing. Makes for a fun family outing. Best of's free.
Isaac and Allison
Isaac and Ammon
Sign in front of S. Garden


  1. Fun! The swing and the "it all matters" sign are newer, they weren't there when Gina and I went. Liking your vignetting more!

  2. You are taking some excellent pictures. Not the typical snap that we see so often. I really like looking to see what you have been doing.