Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

I wish I knew how to get pictures in order, but here goes...

Justin and I came home from Stake Conference not expecting this delightful treat: the kids found Easter baskets, lined them up, and put their names on them.

My one and only egg I decorated this year.

Made by Justin

Justin getting into his art.

Ammon showing us his blue egg.

Justin didn't know I was taking his picture. He was trying to get Jacob to smile.

We stopped by a local park egg hunt. They had it separated into age groups. ALL of the eggs had jelly beans. Isaac was too old to participate in this egg hunt. He took it quite well.

Ammon loved meeting the Easter Bunny. He kept saying, "I like the Easter Bunny," over and over for about 10 minutes.

Church egg hunt

My kiddos. Ammon, Jacob, Allison, and Isaac.

Isaac's last egg hunt at the church (he's 11 now).

Ammon didn't want to pose for pictures very much. Too many eggs still in sight even though he already had his allowed 12 in his basket.

Allison thought these princess eggs were something special.

Easter at Uncle Grandpa's

Me and my honey.

"Strike a pose"

Dittmer egg hunt
Justin started a tradition where the kids get to choose a color egg to search for, then we hide them in the living room. It helps to keep it even. Also, we count them so we know if there are any still MIA.

We put a "buddy" in one of Ammon's eggs.

Ha Ha. This the one of a kind egg. Allison found it. She was so excited until she read the note inside. It said "Do dishes for one week." Mean Mom and Dad. Of course we won't make her. Wink wink.

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