Friday, June 26, 2009

On the way home...

Justin caught me...
I had to stop and try Wisconsin squeaky cheese. I've only ever had Cache Valley Gossner squeaky cheese. It seemed about the same. I'm not supposed to be eating cheese.
I took a day off.
Lots of Mennonites ride bikes.
I love farms. This is on the drive to the Mennonite bike shop that Justin works with. The kids and I spent half an hour in their general store. I liked pointing out the young kids doing lots of work, without a grown up looking over their shoulder.
Isaac found a treasure in the store: a bag of just marshmallows. The type from cereal. 24 hours later, the bag is gone, with help from friends and family.
Ammon got a Happy meal; a rarity for us. He liked being able to choose which type of pop he'd get. Isaac liked sneaking sips.
We also got Birthday ice cream for everyone, including Mom.

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