Friday, June 26, 2009

Wisconsin Quick Trip

The family minus Jacob, went with Justin on one of his overnight work trips to Wisconsin so we could stay in a motel and get away for a bit.

Ammon isn't a fan of swimming so much and was happier to throw water on Dad.

There were lot of balls in the pool. Isaac loved playing Monkey in the Middle and seeing how hard he could hit Dad.


Allison acts like water is home to her. She loves to swim.
The kids got a $3.99 medium pizza from Dominoes. Justin and I tried Chinese food from a brand new restaurant next to the AmericInn. This place didn't spare any details. Gorgeous and so much atmosphere. Justin got beef lo mein and I had general tso chicken. I'm trying not to eat gluten and milk products (plus about 2 million other types of foods), so this was a treat to eat something other than lima beans and hash browns.


  1. ammon looks real happy throwing water on justin.

  2. your blog reveals several times you ate some real food.

  3. Fun trip! Loved the mennonite on the bike shot :) I'd have been too chicken to be so bold. Also, the self portrait, I'd have chickened out, however one of my goals this year is to get a self portrait that I like.