Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trilobite Hunting

After a scarce one hour sleep, Grandpa woke me up. Ick. We left only 15 minutes after scheduled: 6:15 AM. In the van was Jacob, Isaac, Dax, Grandpa, and me. We listened to Brian Reagan on the iPod. Good laughs.
It took a little remembering from Grandpa, but he did figure out where we were suppose to hike, and he wasn't lying...it was a steep hike. We found the Spence Shale area and rapidly were able to find trilobites, almost on every rock. Some were better than others. Grandpa and I spent quite a bit of time on a huge rock that had two nice sized trilobites.
Hiking back, we found a well tread trail which would have made bush whacking much limited than on the way up, and maybe helped not have so many darned grasshoppers land on us. On the way up, Dax got a grasshopper in his shirt; he thought it had been a bee. Later he found it squished and was thoroughly grossed out.
I love to go rock hunting with my dad. We work well together and always have. I can often see what needs to be done and help him out without speaking to each other. Justin and I are like that on some things too, like folding up camping gear...it just comes naturally.

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