Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smith reunion and Family BBQ

I have to be honest. I did not want to go to the Smith Reunion. I know basically none of these relatives and it's torture to sit around making small talk with people sometimes. Regardless, so I did. It was nice to see Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Earl again, and Aunt Dana and four other cousins. They have a raffle every year, which is always a great hit. My kids loved it, but not the few prizes they won. Notice Isaac's face about the Fiddle Faddle.

I don't see much of my brother Kent and his family when I'm in town, but we did have a family bbq, with his Shawn and his family, sans Cortney (with friends) and Nate (on his mission in Argentina). Corinne stole the show with her blond antics...forgetting to open the lid on the ketchup bottle, getting a serving fork because all the others were gone, retelling a bat story that happened with her Mom in WalMart. Mom made a delectable dessert; I had about four servings. Baby Jude is such a treat to have around. I love to watch Erin be a mommy. You can tell how much she loves him and her hubby, Kevin.

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