Friday, August 7, 2009

Other Favorite Pictures from Utah

Dad and I saw Peter Breinholt in concert at Willow Park July 24th. He was awesome!
Uncle Shawn helped Ammon fish in his pond.
Grandpa and Grandma Cardon

Allison really really wanted to do the pony ride at the American West Heritage Center, July 24th. Her horse started braying, which she thought was hilarious.

Ammon wanted to have the smallest pony.

Brent is still around in Logan. He is awesome.
This is the Logan City July 24th parade.
My dad and I watched him riding his bike along, picking up candy, pocketing it, then throwing it to kids.
JoAnne waiting for the kids to ride by in the North Logan Pioneer Parade.
Vally S. has been one of my adoptive grandma's. She taught me how to crochet when I was about 5 or 6. I used to go over to her house, ring the doorbell, and ask for candy. She lives next door to my mom and dad.
Ammon after enjoying a chocolate cupcake.

This is now Grandpa's rock creation center. It started out as a chicken coop, then my play house, on to Shawn's wood making home; now it houses all types of rock beautifying machinery.
Ammon at the crack of dawn wanted to run through the sprinklers.
Can you guess where in Dad's yard this is?
Oh yummy.

Grandpa taught a class on how to make cabochons. He had the grandkids demonstrate how easy it was. This Jacob taking his job seriously.
Meggin, Spencer, and James.
Allison and her cousin, Tessa enjoying the water at Lake Jordan.
Great Grandma Thomson and Isaac. This is one of the few smiles we got that day.

Great Grandma Thomson, Allison, and Ammon playing Bingo. Probably the last type of game Grandma can play anymore.
Kevin, Erin, and Jude.
Baby Jude. What a fun happy baby.
Justin admiring a painting of Captain Moroni in the Conference Center.
Ammon by Ammon.
Justin and Allison on the Alpine slide in Park City.

Ammon and Grandpa. He's holding a tiny piece of his blankie. This corner has been lost, but he has one other large corner and a blankie to pacify him still.
JoAnne at Horsethief Lake.
Cute baby Jimmy (James).
Ginger and Gideon
Tostada from El Sol
Allison after the haircut. She got about 6 inches cut.

Last but NOT least, Tiny Spicy Chicken from Mandarin Garden. Nothing like it anywhere else.


  1. I so enjoyed all of these photos. Great, and I am glad Google unlocked for me. Where do I start? Love seeing you in some photos, love seeing Erin and her family, loved the tostadas, love Ammon by Ammon!

    You are such a great record keeper!

  2. I really enjoyed the pictures. It helps me understand what triggers happy thoughts in your mind. Some are real photo winners.