Friday, August 7, 2009


It was a nice short stay at Camille's this year in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. I'll explain the collage pictures...
  1. Camille and I went for a short hike and found super D duper yummy wild strawberries.
  2. Camille played tag with Ammon.
  3. The 10 mph sign isn't kidding. This is a sign on the road to her house.
  4. Mining cart on the road to Camille's.
  5. Day lilies in Camille's garden.
  6. Nancy Poo.
  7. More lilies.
  8. Camille pointing to a mushroom on our hike.
  9. Camille made Ammon some glasses out of bristle blocks.
It didn't take long for Isaac, Tyler, and Jacob to get thoroughly
engrossed in their Nintendo ds's.

Another item on the road to Camille's.