Friday, August 7, 2009

Medicine Bow

Oh, how I love Medicine Bow, Wyoming. I make it a point to try and stop through here every year that I drive to Utah. This year, the kids and I had a little more flexibility. I stopped and bought a detailed map to show us all of the back roads. I love exploring off the beaten path. A couple of the roads were impassable due to the end of August. Isaac, my ever constant worrier, kept wanting to turn around. Our GPS and the map didn't agree on many of the dirt roads, which disturbed him.
We saw four male moose.
I love this picture of Isaac. He sat down on the log for me to take his picture, and a bug came buzzing right at him. I love the look on his face, plus that the bug is in the shot!

We had to turn around. This doesn't look like much snow, but where I'm standing, there is a LOT of snow on the road.

The air up here is so crisp and clean. I wish I could bottle it.


  1. It is cool that you got to see a moose!
    How special!

  2. Loving all of these shots. So tell me, did you use a kid or a timer for the ones of you? Those are great shots of you. The Isaac pic cracked me up! Also love the bokeh in Allison's shot.

  3. The snow melted some since we were there but still lots. You saw 4 times as much wildlife as we did. We saw no wildlife. Great pictures of the family.

  4. Jacob and Isaac were the photographers. I'm actually surprised these were focused. They're usually not. I should teach them about the red blinking dot.