Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rain Time!

Allison took this shot of Ammon and I. She was loving the camera tonight.
But not being in the pictures.
Can't you feel Ammon's enthusiasm for the rain?


  1. I'm loving all your beautiful photos Joanne! You're a great photographer. That's one thing I'd love to learn if I ever have the money and can buy lessons and a good camera.

  2. Oh my gosh, Blogging maniac today! lol.
    Loving it! That spider- I'd have crushed it for you if you'd have asked. ;) but then you'd owe me a new pair of shoes, hahaha.

  3. Great photos of family and veggies. Now if you will only eat them. Your garden did well despite your absence.

  4. JoAnne,
    I like that umbrella shot, very cute.
    Alison is going to be a great photographer like you!

  5. I took care of Mr. Spider last night. Justin was asked to relocate it, but he didn't, so Mr. Spider got the spray.

    Hey! I eat some of the veggies.

    Allison especially liked turning the camera upside down. Those were terrible shots :)